Sumbit sites to Italian Search Engines via our pages Submitting to Italian Search Engines is now easy for you. We have prepared a submission page to all major italian search engines for those interested in ranking their site and acquiring visibility in Italy. Follow this link to our 1 stop and submit service.


Consulenti internazioniali sui motori di ricerca. Visita il sito Affidare attività di consulenza sui Motori di Ricerca a SINTESI che si avvale di professionisti certificati JER


Submit your site to Major Italian Search Engines

Finding foreign Search Engines to submit a site to may no be a trivial task. For those of you interested in Italian Search Engines we have compiled and maintain a list of submission pages for you to use. You don't need to surf the portal, just click on the links you will find on this page that will spring up in a new browser once you click the link.

There you will also find a listing of other international resources we have gathered from which it is possible to submit your sites. Site submission will now be much easier from now on.

If you find a dead link on this page then please advise me, I'll fix it immediately, you know how everything on the Internet is always on the move ...

Remember site submitting is a very important part of your overall visibility strategy, don't abuse the Search Engines by submitting many times the same page, or by using automated tools unethically; the best thing you can do for your site at the end of the day is to slowly hand-submit the pages ... if you are interested in knowing more about WHY you should do this then perhaps you might be interested in our course where we illustrate how the Search Engines work and how you can make them work for you.

If you would like to know more about our Search Engine consulting (translation, optimization and submission) Contact us for more information on these and other tailored service we provide to the International community interested in the Italian Market.

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